Trinity One
Trinity One Trinity One Trinity One Trinity One Trinity One
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Press. Drip. Immersion. All in ONE

Trinity One
·      cold-brew
·      pour-over
·      air press
·      combination of pour-over and airpress
The Trinity One combines revolutionary brewing capabilities with a breath-taking minimalist design to deliver the perfect cup of coffee, beautifully.
Combining high-quality stainless steel and black walnut timber, the Trinity One looks stunning in any home, providing coffee just as you like it – all in the one device. Whether you like your coffee pressed, dripped or poured, with the Trinity One you are free to change your mind as the mood takes you: today, cold brew; tomorrow a steamy air press; the day after, who knows?  The Trinity One can do it all, leaving your benches not only clear and uncluttered but perfectly appointed.
Trinity One combines function and design, allowing durability and easy maintenance.  But the Trinity One doesn’t just look good: it contains a double-wall thermal insulation chamber, a weighted press cylinder, and the filter head allows complete control of drips, steeps, and coffee flow.  The modular design allows the owner to customise Trinity One’s appearance to reflect their own personal style.  Most importantly, however, the Trinity One offers flexibility, and precision, allowing the coffee connoisseur to develop their own perfect cup. 
Rediscover your love of coffee by taking control of your cup, by experimenting and developing your own style, and enhancing the unique characteristics of each roast.  Make your own perfect cup, each and every day – whatever that may be – knowing that when you’re ready to try something new, your Trinity One will be waiting for you: stunning, adaptable, precise and ready for the next coffee conquest.
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