Replacement Silicone Filter Screen for your GC.

This part is one of four parts included in the ROK GC Conversion Kit.

Important Information regarding Silicone Filter Screen Sizes

ROK recently made a minor change to the water chamber, to help create a better seal. 

The water cylinder on the right of the photograph below has a lip on the bottom, this is the original GC Water cylinder - the unridged silicone filter was supplied with it.

The water cylinder on the left of the photograph below is flat, this is the newer GC Water cylinder - the ridged silicone filter is supplied with it.

Please note that this is a very subtle change and the two silicone filters are pretty much interchangeable.

Please check your cylinder and order Thick for the newer cylinder (left) or Thin non ridged silicone filter (right)

Rok Coffee maker Silicon Seal