Brewover Coffee Maker
Brewover Coffee Maker Brewover Coffee Maker
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The Brewover is an incredibly versatile coffee maker capable of a number of cold and hot brewing methods: Cold drip, cold brew, hot pourover or full immersion brewing. It was invented and designed in Australia by the team at Manna Beans.

The pour over funnel and cold drip basket are made from high quality food-grade SAN materials and are able to withstand high temperatures. This allows them to hold both hot and cold water depending on your chosen brew method.

The valve is made with food-grade DZR brass and is then dipped in copper.

The jug is pyrex glass and can withstand a wide spectrum of temperatures and temperature changes


1) Lid
2) Pourover cone
3) Valve
4) Body
5) Cold Drip Basket
6) Jug/Carafe
7) Base
8) Pourover paper
9) Cold drip paper
10) Instructions