We love the ROK Espresso GC. It is our favorite manual coffee maker.  But don't just take our word for it, we have gathered all the ROK Espresso GC Reviews we can find in one place.

James Hoffmann - ROK Espresso GC Review

James Hoffman of Square Mile Coffee Roasters took a look at the new ROK Espresso GC and ROK Grinder GC (available January 2019)

ROK Review by Josh Munro

ROK Espresso Maker Review

Having spent the last 6 weeks with both the ROK and the Presso, I’m now well equipped to review the two machines and share my interpretation on the coffee ‘experience.’ My perspective is well and truly a ‘beginners’ perspective. I enjoy coffee, but generally I’m on the receiving end of a local brew at the nearest café. I had never made a coffee before…not even the instant version! I generally order the latte or the cappuccino and sometimes the long macchiato.

Read the full ROK Espresso Maker review from Josh at https://espressounplugged.com.au/blogs/reviews/rok-review-by-josh-munro