It all started with the Presso Espresso Maker designed by Patrick Hunt in London, England back at the beginning of this century. Patrick wanted to create a home manual espresso maker that required no electricity; instead, it would be powered by people.

We started Presso Australia ten years ago and when we brought our first shipment of Presso Espresso makers into Australia. It was love at first espresso with the presso for us. Since then the Presso Espresso Maker has become the ROK but it's still the talk of the slow coffee movement. Patrick Hunt has gone on to design a manual coffee grinder to partner with the Award Winning Rok Espresso Maker.

A few years back we changed our name too and became Espresso Unplugged and have maintained our focus and commitment to helping people make great coffee anywhere. No plugs required.

We are located in the Byron Bay Hinterland on a small Farm where Alison and Greg Cromwell combine their entrepreneurial talents with Farming. We are even growing our own coffee. 150 coffee trees were planted in 2017.

With the help of Sophie McDonald, a local Mullumbimby legend, who works out of our off the Grid Shed on the Top of the Hill known to many as the "Top Shed". But that's another story.