The Top Shed Grinder Cap adds peace and security to any coffee routine, simply securing coffee beans in the ROK’s hopper while also cutting noise significantly.

Top Shed developed the lid to hold the beans in during the grinding process, preventing spillage. The lid is also a stylish barrier to any foreign matter finding its way to the hopper in between grinds.

An added bonus to Top Shed Grinder Cap is the noise it stifles from the grinding. Depending on humidity and bean type, some users are frustrated by static charge. Wetting the lid and patting it dry before use is a proven remedy.

Cap Dad’s ROK experience off with this accessory from Top Shed.

Why was it created?

Stop beans from popping out of the hopper
Don't lose another precious bean. Our cap puts a lid on popping beans.
Cover the hopper to protect the beans and burrs
You don't want anything getting into your specialty coffee beans by accident.
Reduce Noise
The cone shape of the bean hopper acts a bit like a megaphone. The cap puts a lid on quite a bit of the grinding noise for a quieter grind.
Reduce and Eliminate Static 
Run the bottom of the cap under cold water before grinding, shake off excess water and put on the cap. Residual drops of water and moisture will make static no more.