Manual Espresso Grinder and Espresso Maker in Love

Manual Espresso Grinder and Espresso Maker in Love

Thanks to a lovely customer, we have introduced our ROK Grinder and ROK Espresso Maker to a new friend on the weekend: mycuppa suuweet. It was love at first grinder, extraction, and consumption. Of course, we had to give our custom ROK Presso naked portafilter an opportunity to bring these three together in what may be the first of many unplugged coffee "ménage à trois".

A bit more about the ROKs new sweety aka suuweet blend from mycuppa.

This blend is engineered to work well as a milk based espresso coffee. Well, that worked out well for me; I am working on becoming a black coffee drinker with no sweetener but quietly I love a Flat White with a very small bit of Candian Maple Syrup.

More on the blend.

  • Acidity: Medium leading to high
  • Body: Medium with a syrupy finish
  • Aroma: Bakers cocoa, toasted nut, honey, and spice
  • Flavour: Superbly clean cup - rich, smooth and creamy with balanced caramel, raisin, and a chocolate finish

This is my cuppa's best selling blend and it has won 6 medals including a Silver at the 2017 Silver Medal in the Royal Sydney Fine Foods - Latte Class which is one of the most competitive at the show. It's roasted to a medium style with just enough punch to work with the steamed milk--which we did on our Bellman Milk Steamer.

mycuppa suuweet blend


March 13, 2017 — Gregory Cromwell

A Coffee Run from Byron Bay

We are very lucky to be able to look out at Byron Bay - from way, way up in the hills. 

If you have never been to Byron Bay before here is a great video that sums up a lot of what goes on in this famous hippie and alternative-lifestyle mecca. Byron is also finding another self these days as a major food hub. Entrepreneurs are popping up in the hills and making all sorts of delicious artisanal goodies. And coffee is a big part of this.

Here is a not-so-typical start to the day for a few lads who have run out of coffee. I know the feeling well. It happened to me this morning but all I had to do was hop on our quad bike and head up to the Top Shed. Not as exciting as this...maybe I need to do my own coffee run video with my son-in-law Jon.


December 09, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell
How Do You Unplug?

How Do You Unplug?

If you are reading this, you are already plugged in and interested in making great coffee. We are hoping you might plug us in on what you do to unplug. Please take the time to share your pictures, videos, and stories about things you do to unwind. Of course, we would love you to share shots of you making great shots of coffee, but we really just want to know more about our customers.

Sharing is caring and we would like to offer as a reward a 3-day stay at our cabin in Northern Ontario. Enjoy a stay on your own lake and take in the peace and quiet of living off the Grid.

Here is a look at Porter Lake as listed on Air BnB.
For a chance to win a stay


Or post on our facebook, twitter, instagram


Cabin on Private Lake

Restoule, ON, Canada
Here comes Winter on Porter Lake. The cold weather will bring some of the best glamping at our Rustic Cabin in the Woods. Unplug at our remote cabin, perfect for watching wildlife, swimming, ice ...
November 30, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell
Black Coffee Friday

Black Coffee Friday

Yeh, I know it's not Friday yet, but we couldn't wait to get these great deals out to you. As well as giving away a free 1kg bag of Top Shed Coffee with every ROK Grinder purchased and marking down a ton of great products, we've also extended the sale. It starts now and ends Monday midnight. Get in there and grab some black coffee bargains.

November 24, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell
Four Fast Flat Whites Made Manually

Four Fast Flat Whites Made Manually

You can crank out the Flat Whites once you get the hang of your manual coffee kit. This morning I made these four flat whites in record time. Didn't use a stop watch and was not in a hurry to get our slow coffee out but I bet I can do it from start to finish in under 10 minutes, maybe 15.

Here is my manual coffee-making gear of the day:

ROK Conical Burr Grinder
ROK Espresso Maker
Bellman Steamer
Top Shed Tow Ball Tamper

The coffee is an espresso organic blend from Top Shed. It is roasted down the hill from us in Byron Bay. This is our go-to specialty coffee every morning.

The first step is to get the kettle and the steamer going. You can't make a Flat White without hot water and a full head of steam. This will be a good part of 5 minutes to get it done. While things are heating up it's time to warm up with the ROK Coffee Grinder. Fill it up and start cranking. You want to fill it up to the brim and make sure you stop before it over fills. You will be a good part of the five minutes getting this done. The smell of freshly roasted coffee comes pouring out of the holding cup with the Rok Grinder dialed into a fine espresso grind. 

Waters boiled. It's time to heat up your ROK Espresso Maker and First Cup. A dry wet run. Fill the ROK up with hot water. Let it sit for about 10 seconds..more if you have time..then slowly lift up the arms and let the hot water pass through your espresso in the portafilter yet. This will really help improve the quality of your first double shot. 

Load, Lock, Lift, Pump and you've got your double shot. While you are on a roll empty out the puck and do it again. Shift to steam. The Bellman should be ready now. Fill your milk pitcher about 2/3. Have your Bellman in a safe and level place and start steaming. About a minute or so. Now you finish off the first two double shots with some lovely steamed milk. You put the Bellman and the kettle back on and do it all over again.

Slow Coffee. A lot of work. A bit of a workout. But so worth it. Here are the four flat whites..maybe I need a stylist.

Picture of Four Flat White Coffee made with the ROK Espresso Maker and ROK Grinder


November 23, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell

Sovereign Lodge Town of 1770

The Town of 1770 is a very special place to us. We discovered this little gem of a town, with the nicest people you could ever meet, over 10 years ago. My Dad and his partner Dorothy, who are here from Canada for a few weeks, were very keen to see the Great Barrier Reef and we packed up our bags and a few pressos and porlex grinders and headed North on a business/pleasure trip.

When we hit Bundaberg, I asked Dorothy if she could pick out a nice place to stay and she shouted out the phone number for Sovereign Lodge and within 5 minutes the lovely Mara had us booked into the only room they had for a couple of days. This morning as we were packing up and cranking out a few coffees from their lovely room, the owners, Trevor and Lindy, got very excited about the Presso. We have left a couple of Presso Espresso Machines behind and are excited to have reconnected with Agnes Water and the town of 1770. Presso on the go--it's the only way to travel.

Top Shelf Coffee -Five Star Accommodation

Dorothy having a go at the Presso

Morning Coffee from our Room

November 20, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell
Making coffee without power

Making coffee without power

Making coffee in the morning is something millions of people do every day. Many do it many times a day. Coffee drinkers are turning to manual grinders and manual coffee makers for their daily fix. 

Espresso Unplugged has been proud to bring the Presso / ROK to the people of Australia for almost 10 years. Since we started, we are always on the lookout for brewing methods, techniques, specialty coffee, and equipment, suited for manual coffee.

Here is an interesting chart on search trends from google that shows how people unplug around the world. 


Please plug us into how you brew without electricity/power. We would love to add new products and information for our customer.
November 14, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell
How Do You Unplug?

How Do You Unplug?

Copy/Video: Scott Moore


November 09, 2016 — Scott Moore

A tool is only as good as the person using it

There is a saying that a tool is only as good as the person using it. This notion has inspired me to produce some helpful content for people interested in getting the most from their Presso Espresso Maker and our associated coffee products. In the spirit of my mantra: fire, aim, ready, here is a crack at how this will work.

Casting the right sort of people to demonstrate is key. Now let me see who do I know that likes to be the center of attention and loves to be on the opposite end of a camera? Me, me, pick me... No, No, pick Moe. Morley, one of our four daughters, is perfect for the job. This morning we had a go at taking some preliminary photos and videos showing how the Porlex Hand Grinder works.

Here are a few of the action porlex pics. In the first shot, Morley is carefully filling the porlex using the combination scoop tamper that comes with the Presso. In the second photo, you can see Morley using proper body position --straight back and serious demeanour to make sure the beans know you mean business. Thanks Moe. More to come. I think we are onto a winning formula here.

October 01, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell

AeroPress Spare Parts Now Available

Since introducing the AeroPress to our unplugged customer’s interest, sales and feedback have been all growing and going great. A couple of months ago I received an email from a customer who had lost his twist-on filter basket and he wanted to know if we could supply him with a replacement.  We let him know that we didn't carry spare parts and redirected him to AeroPress Australia. 

Since this first request for AeroPress parts, we have had a couple more from Australia and one from New Zealand too. We like to be a 'can do' and 'glad to help you' kind of business, so when we stocked up again on the AeroPress and asked if we could order replacement parts; and sure enough, they were available and we now have them up for sale.

So if you are looking for any of these parts:

AeroPress Stir Paddle
AeroPress Rubber Seal
AeroPress Scoop
AeroPress Filter Basket
AeroPress Tote Bag

Visit our AeroPress replacement parts section of our online shop.

September 27, 2016 — Alison Cromwell