What's your favourite kit to make espresso when you're away from home?
When I posted this question on Reddit a month or so ago I had no idea what my first post on Reddit would result in. If you are not familiar with Reddit click the link below. I used the embed code bit so I hope it works. Firstly a big thank you to the Coffee and Espresso community on Reddit for providing so many great bits of gear to make coffee and particularly espresso on the road. An extra thanks to a fellow Canadian who posted the Oomph as his go-to away-from-home coffee maker.  What is this oomph thing? I did a search and could not find it so I asked again and got a link. Which then started a chain of events which has culminated today in me having a go at making a coffee with the oomph. Wow. Love at first sight, touch and taste.  Your favourite gear to make espresso when you are away from home? from espresso

Picture yourself drinking beautiful fresh coffee anywhere. 



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