Manual Espresso Grinder and Espresso Maker in Love

Manual Espresso Grinder and Espresso Maker in Love

Thanks to a lovely customer, we have introduced our ROK Grinder and ROK Espresso Maker to a new friend on the weekend: mycuppa suuweet. It was love at first grinder, extraction, and consumption. Of course, we had to give our custom ROK Presso naked portafilter an opportunity to bring these three together in what may be the first of many unplugged coffee "ménage à trois".

A bit more about the ROKs new sweety aka suuweet blend from mycuppa.

This blend is engineered to work well as a milk based espresso coffee. Well, that worked out well for me; I am working on becoming a black coffee drinker with no sweetener but quietly I love a Flat White with a very small bit of Candian Maple Syrup.

More on the blend.

  • Acidity: Medium leading to high
  • Body: Medium with a syrupy finish
  • Aroma: Bakers cocoa, toasted nut, honey, and spice
  • Flavour: Superbly clean cup - rich, smooth and creamy with balanced caramel, raisin, and a chocolate finish

This is my cuppa's best selling blend and it has won 6 medals including a Silver at the 2017 Silver Medal in the Royal Sydney Fine Foods - Latte Class which is one of the most competitive at the show. It's roasted to a medium style with just enough punch to work with the steamed milk--which we did on our Bellman Milk Steamer.

mycuppa suuweet blend


March 13, 2017 — Gregory Cromwell