Four Fast Flat Whites Made Manually

Four Fast Flat Whites Made Manually

You can crank out the Flat Whites once you get the hang of your manual coffee kit. This morning I made these four flat whites in record time. Didn't use a stop watch and was not in a hurry to get our slow coffee out but I bet I can do it from start to finish in under 10 minutes, maybe 15.

Here is my manual coffee-making gear of the day:

ROK Conical Burr Grinder
ROK Espresso Maker
Bellman Steamer
Top Shed Tow Ball Tamper

The coffee is an espresso organic blend from Top Shed. It is roasted down the hill from us in Byron Bay. This is our go-to specialty coffee every morning.

The first step is to get the kettle and the steamer going. You can't make a Flat White without hot water and a full head of steam. This will be a good part of 5 minutes to get it done. While things are heating up it's time to warm up with the ROK Coffee Grinder. Fill it up and start cranking. You want to fill it up to the brim and make sure you stop before it over fills. You will be a good part of the five minutes getting this done. The smell of freshly roasted coffee comes pouring out of the holding cup with the Rok Grinder dialed into a fine espresso grind. 

Waters boiled. It's time to heat up your ROK Espresso Maker and First Cup. A dry wet run. Fill the ROK up with hot water. Let it sit for about 10 seconds..more if you have time..then slowly lift up the arms and let the hot water pass through your espresso in the portafilter yet. This will really help improve the quality of your first double shot. 

Load, Lock, Lift, Pump and you've got your double shot. While you are on a roll empty out the puck and do it again. Shift to steam. The Bellman should be ready now. Fill your milk pitcher about 2/3. Have your Bellman in a safe and level place and start steaming. About a minute or so. Now you finish off the first two double shots with some lovely steamed milk. You put the Bellman and the kettle back on and do it all over again.

Slow Coffee. A lot of work. A bit of a workout. But so worth it. Here are the four flat whites..maybe I need a stylist.

Picture of Four Flat White Coffee made with the ROK Espresso Maker and ROK Grinder


November 23, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell