Renew Fest 2017 - People Powered Espresso

Renew Fest 2017 - People Powered Espresso

People Powered Espresso supporting the 2017 Renew Fest in Mullumbimby
May 6 and May 7.

Getting your ”get up and go” without creating a yeti-sized carbon footprint is the essence of what we’re all about at Espresso Unplugged.

We love getting our hands into the soil, growing stuff and feeding our souls. And we love finding and creating products that are solid, built to last and easy to repair (when they eventually wear out).

If you drill down into the things that we think really matter, protecting the planet is at the top of the list - followed closely by helping people craft food and drink that is the closest to what nature (nurtured by humans) intended, with the least possible machine-made intervention.

When you’ve gone to the effort of sourcing Fair Trade, sustainably grown coffee beans, and you buy them fresh, locally roasted and ready to grind, we think it makes sense to grind and brew them in equipment that gives you the best experience and results – while looking after the planet.

People-powered grinders and coffee makers are perfect for ‘off the grid’ lifestyles, or low energy consumption homes from tiny houses to house trucks or yurts. No plugs required.

If you’re drinking coffee for health reasons (because yes, coffee is good for men’s health in particular) or ‘super-powering your day’ reasons, we highly recommend you drink the best quality coffee you can.

Investing in products that give you more control and that have a long life is one more step towards contributing towards a sustainable future.

We don’t ever want to see the products we sell find their way to landfill. And it might be old-fashioned, but we believe in repairing worn parts, and giving every unplugged product the longest life possible.

We look forward to sharing our passion for the unplugged life with you at Renew Fest 2017.


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May 01, 2017 — Gregory Cromwell