We’d love for you and your ROK to enjoy a long and happy life together. To that end, you’ll find safety and maintenance tips below which will ensure the longevity of your ROK.

Don’t grind your coffee too fine

Using overly fine coffee can lead to damage and breakage of the internal plastic components, and in extreme cases, breakage of one or both levers. 

Do not apply excessive force to your ROK. It is not necessary to apply great force to produce great shots of espresso.

We recommend starting with a coarser grind and experiment and gradually moving to a finer grind. For more on how to determine the proper fineness, please check out this blog. The aim is to have a stream of coffee which looks more like honey than a gushing torrent. A grind which is too coarse results in a “gusher” and will likely taste awful.

Grinding coffee too fine can “choke” the ROK. This means regardless of how much pressure is applied to the levers, very little-to-no coffee comes out the bottom. If your coffee seems very restricted and comes out in drips (or not at all), you’re grinding too finely. Try a coarser grind.

Typically, the espresso grind you get from a grocery store or cafe is too fine. If you’re buying pre-ground coffee from a café, ask them to grind it one or two steps coarser than espresso. If you’re using the grinder at your grocery store, set it one or two steps coarser than espresso. A symptom of internal damage from exerting too much force on the handles is pressure loss; i.e. air escaping from the top of the ROK while pressing a shot. In most cases, this can be remedied with a replacement O-ring and/or plunger. NOTE: Damage of this sort is not covered under the ROK warranty!

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