Feeding your Grindripper is easy! Simply remove the top lid and fill the grinder with your favorite beans!

Care of your Grindripper is about as easy as feeding. Simply brush off the grounds from the ceramic blades and you’re done! However, you may wish to clean your Grindripper more thoroughly every once in a while, and for that, some disassembly is required.

Please refer to the diagram below for the proper assembly order of your Grindripper’s components.

  1. Travel Bag
  2. Handle
  3. Top Lid
  4. Shaft, stainless steel
  5. Bushing, upper (large)
  6. Grinder Body
  7. Bushing, lower (small)
  8. Bias Spring
  9. Ceramic Blade, female, with 3 recesses
  10. Ceramic Blade, male
  11. Blade Base, plastic
  12. Adjusting Wheel
  13. Grinder Cap
  14. Filters, 50
  15. Dripper Funnel
  16. Ground Coffee Cellar Cap
  17. Ground Coffee Cellar
September 23, 2016 — Andrew Bleakley

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