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Can I take a ROK Espresso Maker Camping?

We just got this great inquiry on our website. Thought I would answer right away and have it on our blog for others to benefit from. Our answers are in bold. 

Hi there. I am interested in purchasing a ROK espresso maker. I have a caravan and we go away camping a lot in the winter months. I was just wanting to know if you could answer a few questions for me please?

1) Is it quick and easy to use?

Both quick and easy. There is a learning curve but after cranking out a dozen double shots you will be able to make your coffee camping with ease. Getting the water boiled will take the most time.

2) Would it be okay to take it camping?

Take a ROK on the Wild Side. The ROK espresso maker loves being off grid, in the bush take it where you go. There are now smaller manual espresso makers but the ROK will be the talk of the campsite.

3) Does it require electricity as sometimes we go to (unpowered sites)?

No cords attached to anything we sell. Or strings attached. We are a what you see is what you get family run business.

4) What do you get in the ROK espresso kit, and how much do they cost?

$229 and you get the espresso maker, milk frother, portafilter, double cup splitter.

5) I'm going away on a camping road trip in a couple of weeks, if I ordered one now how long would it take for it to arrive to me in Laidley Qld, 4341?

Allow 3 working days from placing your order.

I'm so sorry for the questions overload. I just want to make sure I am happy with my purchase.

Not a problem. We are in the business of keeping people happy and caffeinated.

Have a wonderful day!


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