There is a saying that a tool is only as good as the person using it. This notion has inspired me to produce some helpful content for people interested in getting the most from their Presso Espresso maker and our associated coffee products. In the spirit of my mantra: fire, aim, ready here is a crack at how this will work.

Casting the right sort of people to demonstrate is key. Now let me see who do I know that likes to be the centre of attention and loves to be on the opposite end of a camera? Me, me, pick me... No, No pick Moe. Morley one of our four daughters is perfect for the job. This morning we had a go at taking some preliminary photos and video showing how the Porlex Hand Grinder works.

Here are a few of the action porlex pics. In the first shot Morley is carefully filling the porlex using the combination scoop tamper that comes with the Presso. In the second photo you can see Morley using proper  body position --straight back and serious demeanour to make sure the beans know you  mean business. Thanks Moe. More to come. I think we are onto a winning forumla here.

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