We are very lucky to be able to look out at Byron Bay - from way, way up in the hills. 

If you have never been to Byron Bay before here is a great video that sums up a lot of what goes on in this famous hippie and alternative-lifestyle mecca. Byron is also finding another self these days as a major food hub. Entrepreneurs are popping up in the hills and making all sorts of delicious artisanal goodies. And coffee is a big part of this.

Here is a not-so-typical start to the day for a few lads who have run out of coffee. I know the feeling well. It happened to me this morning but all I had to do was hop on our quad bike and head up to the Top Shed. Not as exciting as this...maybe I need to do my own coffee run video with my son-in-law Jon.


December 09, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell

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