Presso Procedure for a Latte

Here is a perky video demonstrating how to make a Latte (or flat white) with the presso. Thanks Ecoutlet. Video well done.


August 22, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell

Presso Tips-It's easy after some practice

Getting a great espresso from your Presso is easy. Just like doing anything well  it's easy after plenty of practice. To get the most out of your presso you need to start with great coffee. That coffee is ideally in whole bean and you grind it yourself just before you make your espresso. Your grind is critical. If you get it right you are all set. Get it wrong and well lots can go wrong. If the grind is too fine you will have to press and press on your presso to squeeze out the water. If the grind is to coarse you will end up with a very very weak mug of black water.

Please drop us a line for some presso tips and tricks to get the most out of your presso.

August 10, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell

Pressing Business!

By now, we can pretty much agree there are two kinds of coffee drinkers: Those who have heard of the Aerobie AeroPress and those who haven’t. While this article is for both, we’re going to focus on some of the finer points of using the AeroPress successfully!

One of the key points the AeroPress instructions insist on is the water temperature. To produce coffee that is not bitter, the AeroPress wants the water to be 175º F (80º C) for dark roasts and 185º F (85º C) for lighter roasts. We all know how to boil water, but c’mon, do we really need a thermometer just to make a cup of coffee?

Our favored method of using the AeroPress is the Inverted Method. Let’s recap it quickly:

  1. Heat some water to 175º F.
  2. Grind some beans.
  3. Withdraw the AeroPress plunger partway from the cylinder.
  4. Invert the AeroPress.
  5. Add ground coffee to the AeroPress.
  6. Add hot water to the AeroPress.
  7. Stir the wet coffee grounds for 10 seconds.
  8. Cover the end of the AeroPress with a filter in the cap.
  9. Revert the AeroPress onto your cup.
  10. Press the plunger slowly to extract your coffee from the grounds.
August 08, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell

Presso Espresso

In this video you can see how to use the presso to make an espresso shot.

August 01, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell

Hard ROK Café

The Espresso Unplugged team has developed a technique for increasing the pressure with your ROK espresso maker. This allows you to get the best espresso possible from your machine! It also works on the Presso, but be forewarned: The plunger on the Presso is not as robust, and care should be taken not to break your plunger!

Begin with the normal procedure of preheating your cylinder and use your normal grind in the portafilter. Once you're ready to fill the cylinder for pulling your shot, the difference begins!

Fill the cylinder almost to the top with hot water. Now wiggle the handles up and down just enough to release the air under the plunger. Do this until all the bubbles have stopped and the water level doesn't go down any further. Now fill your cylinder the rest of the way up with more hot water and gently raise the arms to the top.

When you press down on the arms, the first thing you'll notice is how difficult they are to press! This is because water is essentially incompressible, whereas air is readily compressed. That means all your energy is pushing the water through the grounds instead of some of it being wasted compressing air trapped under the plunger! 

Watch the espresso carefully as you extract it from the beans – with all this extra water in the cylinder, it's easy to draw too light a shot. But if you pay attention to the color, you will get a cup of the best espresso possible from your ROK!

Give this method a try and let us know what you think! Did it work for you? Did you run into problems? Let us know!

July 14, 2016 — Andrew Bleakley