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Produced by the makers of the Aerobie flying disks and rings (I know; unexpected, right?), the AeroPress has wowed critics and aficionados around the world with its exceptional tasting coffee! Employing a quasi-French Press method of brewing, the AeroPress combines a superfine filtration system with a unique plunger to produce grit-free coffee – right in your cup! Let's take a closer look.

Right off the bat, our experience demonstrated the instructions that came in the box were not the best way to make coffee. Instead, we inverted this clever gadget to retain all the good flavor that had previously leaked out during the initial stirring phase. As soon as the initial steeping was done, we screwed on the filter and cap while the AeroPress was still upsidedown. Turning it over onto a cup kept everything we love about coffee right where it should be and ready to drink!

Coffee lovers have long known that lower temperatures release less of the acids that make coffee bitter, so adhering to the recommended water temperatures is crucial. This is the secret of this fantastic machine, and the proof is in the result!

Traditional French Press brewers have suffered from producing a gritty finish, but that problem's solved with the AeroPress! Using the included paper filters keeps the grounds away from the cup so you can drink your coffee to the last drop. If you choose your beans for the flavor of their oils, you should try our Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Disk, created especially for the AeroPress. Reusable and easily cleaned, it allows your beans to give you everything they've got!

It's unfortunate to see the AeroPress marketed as an espresso maker – clearly, it's not – but don't let that stop you from experiencing the magnificent coffee it produces!