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Morning Coffee Ritual

When I wake up in the morning I have a one track mind. Coffee.

Our routine is has pretty much been perfected with the Presso and in less then 10 minutes

I have made two flat whites and sitting in front of my computer checking emails--the second track on my mind in the morning.

Here is my procedure.

Step 1: fill kettle quarter full (no point boiling too much water)

Step 2: turn on kettle.

Step 3: fill two mugs half full of milk (in our case farm fresh milk from our own cows)

Step 4: put mugs in microwave (1 minute per mug works for us) so 2 minutes for 2

Step 5: rinse presso and portafilter with hot water: this cleans it from the last use and warms it up for its pending morning press

Step 6: grind Green Cauldron coffee and tamp

Step 7: insert portafilter into the presso

Step 8: take mug and milk out of microwave and froth

Step 9: put mug under presso and press arms down (I do it twice-nice and slow on the first press and then one more to finish off with some crema)

Step 10: repeat step 9 for second flat white