No Coffee Filters Required--Ever

A few mornings ago, I discovered yet another reason why my Presso is superior to a coffee maker--one that seems obvious to me now, but that I hadn't thought of before. The discovery came about when my roommate, bleary-eyed, told me that we were out of coffee filters. What good...

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Porlex Tall vs Porlex Mini

Less is more. Size matters. Everyone has their own unique way of looking at things. But when it comes to a manual grinder for great coffee, you can't look past the Porlex coffee grinders from Japan. These beautifully designed and manufactured grinders are made of stainless steel, and they have conical...

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ROK Review by Josh Munro

Having spent the last 6 weeks with both the ROK and the Presso, I’m now well equipped to review the two machines and share my interpretation on the coffee ‘experience.’ My perspective is well and truly a ‘beginners’ perspective. I enjoy coffee, but generally I’m on the receiving end of a...

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