Espresso, Meet My Presso - A Review By Faythe Murphy

I could preface this post with a long blurb but I'm going to let our customer, Faythe, tell the story. This was posted on Facebook and with her permission I am reposting it here. Let me just say, that Faythe has been most gracious under trying circumstances.

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I need my coffee. It is one of the simple pleasures I enjoy, year round. Years ago, I discovered that there is more to the coffee bean than plain old drip java - which I still enjoy quite frequently. I enjoy coffee so much that I took a job making coffee beverages for a living. Not once, but twice. I learned more than I ever thought I would about coffee. There are many different variables about the beans alone - how they're grown, roasted, ground, etc. I enjoy many different types of beverages, all depending on my mood. Almost always, I prefer one starring my beloved espresso. Espresso is a rich, dark, full-bodied extraction of finely ground espresso beans, pressed and steamed with hot water. As hot water is forced down through the grounds, a lovely elixir drops through in a matter of seconds, topped with a sweet, golden crown of foam. This is the crema. Nothing can match the flavor nor the fragrance of a freshly pressed shot of espresso. From here, I can dress it up any way I like. With a kiss of steamed milk or foam, a touch of sweet sugar or enjoyed alone, espresso will embrace whatever you prefer.

For years, I have dreamed of having a cozy little corner in my home. The convenience of a coffee bar available to me any time, day or night really appealed to me. The most important element of this setup for me was the espresso machine. After lots of research and shopping around, I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to spend a couple thousand dollars on a machine. At least, not at the moment. That's when I discovered Presso.

What is a Presso? It is, my friends, a lovely solution to my dilemma. A Presso is a manual espresso machine that requires two things - ground espresso and hot water. There's no need for electricity. First, fill the portafilter with ground espresso and fill the resevoir with hot water. Place the portafilter in the unit, and a shot glass underneath. Raise the arms of the machine, and slowly press downward.

Espresso is served.

The machine is marvelous. It is well-designed, and economical. I save money by purchasing this instead of the one I've been eyeing for years. For starters, the Presso costs far less than the majority of electicity-dependent units on the market, so it won't affect my electric bill to use it. It is portable, so I can put it in a bag and take it camping, or to a friend's home for dinner. As long as I have ground espresso and hot water, I can make espresso beverages anywhere, anytime.

I am not only impressed with the Presso as a product, Presso USA deserves high marks as a company. I've had the priviledge of corresponding with Jason Ferris, owner of the Presso USA company. (Presso also exists in several other countries). I experienced an issue with the order I placed outside of the country. Things happen once in a while, with any business, any country. It's understandable. It's how it's handled that can greatly impact the outcome and the experience for the customer.

When I discovered the problem, I emailed Presso USA and explained the situation; unable to contact the appropriate party at the company I placed the order with. I was suprised when I received Jason's reply. Although my order had not been placed with Presso USA, he shared my concern, and committed to help resolve the situation. Over the course of a few days, Jason contacted the country I placed the order through and assisted me in bringing closure to my order.

He did so with flying colors. My order arrived complete and in excellent condition. Jason's direct involvement eased my concern with my offshore order, making it a pleasant experience. Caring for the satisfaction of just one customer, so much that he became personally involved, speaks volumes to Jason's commitment to excellence in service and customer satisfaction.

If you love espresso and are looking for an economical, energy efficient alternative to those high-priced models on the market, buy a Presso. It is an outstanding product. Even more impressive, is the owner of the USA company that stands behind it.

Thank you, Jason. The product and the company are amazing. I recommend Presso and Presso USA without hesitation. Buy one, you won't regret it. Be sure and tell Presso USA I sent you.

September 13, 2016 — Gregory Cromwell

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